"It's a joy to be hidden but a disaster not to be found" - D.W. Winnicot

Working With a Range of Complex Issues

If you are struggling with anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem, depression, a recent life transition, or any other issue that you want to talk through, my practice is a place to receive personalised therapy. I have experience in supporting clients through a range of problems, taking care to foster a strong therapeutic relationship where you feel comfortable enough to speak freely about what’s going on for you, ahead of us coming up with a way of working that addresses your precise needs.

For more information on how I can help with a variety of complex issues as a counsellor in Finsbury Park or online, feel free to get in touch, or simply keep reading.

Issues I Help With


You might feel constantly worried, catastrophise over certain situations, and feel scared to speak up about your feelings. Anxiety is something that we hold in our body, and only by examining its triggers and where these feelings originally come from can we truly start to move to a better place. I work with anxiety in all its forms, such as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, phobias, panic attacks, social anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Relationship Issues

I support individuals going through relationship problems of any kind. This is your chance to speak openly about what’s troubling you. We will look at your relationships on a broader level, identifying patterns that emerge in your interactions with others and how they can lead to issues developing. Focusing on our own therapeutic relationship, namely the dynamic that develops between us, acts as an extremely effective window into understanding your wider interpersonal problems.

Low Self-Esteem

Many individuals struggle with low self-esteem. We tend to base our worth around external factors, such as various accomplishments and relationships with others, which naturally leads us to believe that we are somehow not good enough. Our work together will involve engaging with these thoughts and supporting you to recognise your own innate worth as an individual, enabling you to feel a renewed sense of empowerment.


I understand that it can sometimes feel like your depression will never improve, and that your situation is hopeless, but moving past these challenging emotions is always possible. My role is to create the right environment for us to engage with the negative thought patterns that contribute to and reinforce your depression, with us gradually replacing these interpretations with more realistic, compassionate thoughts.

Body Dysmorphia

My counselling service is available to anyone experiencing issues with their body. This could involve negative body image, disordered eating, anorexia, or bulimia. I know that speaking about these issues is especially difficult, and overcoming them doesn’t happen easily, but we will work together in a non-judgmental way to discover what lies behind this problem, coming up with a way of moving forward that makes sense to you.


Parenting comes with an array of complex challenges, and sometimes it can be helpful to talk them through with a professional counsellor. I have supported parents to navigate a broad spectrum of issues, such as co-parenting after divorce, challenging behaviour, adjusting to unexpected circumstances, children leaving the home, or problems at school. This is your chance to speak honestly about how you feel and understand what you can to do to move forward.

Life Transitions

We all experience changes in our lives that feel monumental, and sometimes they can be hard to cope with on your own. Perhaps you are overwhelmed, unsure about what comes next, and struggle with anxious thoughts that you would benefit from talking through in a confidential environment. This could involve any kind of life transition, such as moving house, being made redundant, coping with a divorce, or relocating to a new country for work.


If you are having any problems around your sexuality, gender, or identity, and feel like you need a place to talk about these areas, my practice is a safe place for you to do exactly that. I take care to always provide an affirmative, non-discriminatory approach to my work with clients, being sure to see things through their eyes and provide a form of support that factors in their unique situation.

Want to know more about how I became a therapist in Finsbury Park and online? If so, see my About Me page.